Ice Luges in Long Island & NYC

"Heat up your party with an ice luge"

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 If you wish to have an interesting party where your guests take direct shots from the ice I recommend the Standard Luge.  It is 35in tall by 20in wide by 10in deep, it has 2 paths for alcohol and lasts over 6 hours under direct use.  "It can also be used at upscale weddings and events where the bartender works the alcohol into a martini glass. 

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Shooter Recipes

Liquid Cocaine- equal parts Jagermeister, Goldschlager & Rumple Minze

Jackson 5- Jose Cuervo, Jack Daniel’s, Jonny Walker Red, Jim Beam & Jagermeister 

Tequila Slammer- 3 parts Tequila, 1 part 7up or Ginger Ale

Kamakaze- equal parts Vodka, Tripple Sec, Lime Juice 

Ankle Lock- 3 parts Vodka & one part Mellow Yellow

Darth Vader- Jagermeister with a Splash of Tabasco  

Polor Ice Cap - equal parts Ruski Vodka and Rumple Minze

Swedish Fish- 3 parts Blackhaus one part Cranberry