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How long does an Ice Luge last?

Most ice luges last 6-8 hours under use.  However temperature and humility can alter the time. 

How much lead time is needed before ordering?

We usually need at least 3 days lead time to assure delivery.  However, emergency orders can and are done and it is best to contact us to see if we can facilitate a late order.  Standard Ice Luges are often stocked.

How much does an Ice Luge cost?

That is like asking what an apartment costs, it varies based on date, time of order and delivery location.  The general range is between $100 and $500.

What does Ice Luge sit on?

Luges usually sit on a normal table that you provide. 

How much does it weight?

It varies but the standard ice luge weights about 85 pounds. 

Does the Ice Luge just leak all over the floor?

No. All Luges come with plastic ice tray to catch and drain the water.  You can put it indoors with no mess.